Why is User Experience Important?

Writing for The UX Design Collective, UX design experts Caio Braga and Fabricio Teixeira say, “Businesses need to drastically change to deliver value for users earlier, faster, and more clearly.”

According to Braga and Teixeira, consumers have come to expect immediacy and ease of use. They’re easily frustrated by obstacles like product backlogs and feature update announcements that never come to pass.

User experience goes well beyond a pretty web design. If your website doesn’t give users what they expect and help them make choices that are best for them, you’ll likely lose revenue.

More importantly, brand credibility and recognition have become increasingly important among consumers. They look for things like social proof even if they don’t know what it’s called. Failing to publish testimonials and other evidence of brand popularity can hurt you.

UX has also become more granular. Adding just one unnecessary field to your checkout form can result in abandoned shopping carts. You have less than one minute to hook your visitor, but even if you’re successful, you can lose the sale because of UX obstacles.

User experience is important because it provides insights into what customers want and expect from your website. Failing to deliver can prove disastrous for your brand, so you have to pay attention to the smaller details as well as the big picture.